Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Welcome home

Welcome home Nemo and Churnip. Nemo and Churnip came home on 11th July 2010. These goldfishes are our first pets since Sia was born.

Nemo and Churnip of course, most certainly named by the proud care-taker, Miss Mathew have been a wonderful team in teaching my three year old a few things about being a grown-up. Firstly, bringing the pets home was a collective decision. She has been asking for a pet. But, we didn't want to repeat a mistake, by buying something which she was not yet ready for.

Sia made her own choice of choosing gold fishes over turtles. She selected the fishes. Though was made aware of the options to select from. I think, it is essential to start as early as possible, to allow a child to make their own decisions and be responsible for the choices they make. With Nemo and Churnip a small beginning has been made.

The other responsibility Sia has, is to take care of "her" fishes. So, has to feed them, ensure the water filter is working, lights are put on in the evening and water is kept clean from toys, paper and putting hand inside the tank. The little child has completely taken me by surprise by diligently following the rules, well almost.

In her high of taking care of Nemo and Churnip, she over fed them. And her dada taught her the need to maintain cleanliness in the fish tank. She participated in cleaning the mucky water and proudly showed off her pets to her friend this evening. With a series of warnings being blurted out as if the poor pets were exhibits. All warnings of course, is the drop-down menu of "Don'ts" that have been told to her.

I think, my little one is growing up. She has been a wonderful care-taker, home-giver to her pets. In just 3 days, for her to run off in the middle of a Tom & Jerry story to see "if my fishes are alright" - I guess has somewhere ignited the basic human instinct of being responsible for your choices in my child. Welcome to Sia's home - Nemo and Churnip!

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