Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fireflies - light it up

"Fireflies - light it up"...a borrowed line from a children's show, came to life and reflected this line's pure essence, for me, at this year's "Fireflies Festival of Music". An all-night music festival, it lived up to its expression of "speaking a language of music". A brilliant ambiance - an open air amphitheater and a stage set against a backdrop of a banayan tree (which perhaps has its very own story to tell). Along with a sensitive, soul-touching group of performers - each complete with their own rightful musical sensibilities was indeed the best way to do a 'night out'. To add, a clear sky, with a milky way that we have somewhere stopped realising, a slight summer breeze - all kept the energy refreshed.

Fireflies is a space on Earth, which makes you come to terms with one-self. A barrage of emotions went through me each time my eyes roved around to see people and many more people and all kinds of people they were. Ah!! so so nice. All of us somewhere were the same. I guess, it is because we were somewhere feeling ourselves. Music, was then just a means. What made me certain of this was the mind-blowing, energy draining, ever-so-powerful performance of 'kawali'. All the different kinds of people I mentioned two lines above - some were on their toes, some with arms up in joy, some sang along, some enjoyed the lyrical brilliance and some...well, think of any soul-feel emotion you want to - there it was on public display. Wow!!

And as time passed by, the night sky embraced the traces of dawn. All the 'united of us' witnessed the first rays of the Sunday morning sun. And what do we see in the bleak stray rays - a lake. Dumb-struck as most of us were - we were again left feeling numb about being one with nature, with your self.

"Fireflies - light it up". A glow has been created in my space. A light has revived my spirit. A belief has been reaffirmed within me that enriching experiences can light up the mind and soul.

(What is Fireflies? Where can you have your own experience with Fireflies? All you got to do is click - I am sure you will a story too...

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