Friday, 29 October 2010

Its the beginning of winters

Winter has slowly started creeping in our city. It surely is reflecting in our home.
Winter blast is evident in our balcony. A misty morning transpiring into a sun bright, clear sky. A wonderful canvas filled with multi colours painted by flowers. Touch of green coming from home grown fresh spinach. The pleasure of plucking a few leaves to make a salad or a quick paratha for my little rascal gives a total high. The most nicest thing however are the chirping birds interplaying with a few odd butterflies. Each time a bird chirps and lands in our balcony, Sia believes its building a nest which will have a few eggs. Which is promptly followed by the unfolding of a million stories. Living in an apartment does not seem to be that bad when you see Sia enjoy the morning winter sun muching away her biscuits...

All in all...a perfect winter has just begun. With fesitivities kicking in..cannot wait to enjoy the winter chills.

Couple of our kitchen recipes using home grown spinach or palak:
Palak raita (goes best with biryani)
Wash the palak leaves. Slice them into thin fine strips.
Heat oil. Add to this some grains of Urad Dal and 2-3 dry red chillies.
When coated with oil and well done, add the sliced palak.
Give it a mix and add a pinch of sugar and salt as per taste.
Saute on high flame for a couple of minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature.
Add this mixture of palak to well whipped curd or yoghurt.

Palak paratha (ideal quick lunch)
Finely chop palak, onions, ginger and green chillies.
Mix well and knead into dough with salt as per taste.
(Hint: you could add a teaspoon of warm oil while kneading to the dough to make the parathas softer)
Make parathas as you know best!

Recipe courtesy: Pema maai (Sia's eldest aunt and my eldest sister)

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