Monday, 15 November 2010

Being mama!!

I haven't been like mama in a while. Which has me a little lost.

It was as if my fairy was watching over and listening...she sprinkled her pixie dust and revitalised my being...I was transformed all over again. Everything was all mama-baby again. All has been mama-baby since.....

I, more than anyone else had to celebrate. Simply cooked up a celebratory meal for my baby to rejoice my lost power and energy. Little did she know the reason for the special menu. Though I could see her wonderment and confusion when I was unlike mama.

Special meal served on her favourite plate: baby pooris, strawberry jam and natural flavoured yoghurt. All things that my 5 starred baby loves.

What an awe-inspiring and all powerful feeling it was. What a humbling feeling it is - being mama.

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