Monday, 11 April 2011

And we are back

It's been a while since I appeared in this space. A little bit of this. A little bit of that. And loads of this and that have kept me away from doing my bit to myself.

While things happened around...the most important of milestones came our way. Another birthday. Sia turned 4. An impromptu trip took us to a place which had plenty of sun, sand and sea. We found ourselves on the peaceful, less explored, almost virgin beaches of Kannur (or Cannanore, Kerala). A set of new friends and old brought in the new step with the same feel and love. Which made us as the parents to Sia Mathew realise - how the world conspires to create some brilliant moments.

Declaring the FRENZY FOURTH year OPEN!!!

This epic milestone also meant some heart breaks! Growing up is always fun and has its share of down moments - some times for the parents, some times for baby. And this occasion was more for the parents. The first ever schooling term came to an end with Small World year finishing on 6th April. High point - Pre-Nursery Graduate. Low point (for mama-dada) - NO MORE TINY GESTURES OF SMALL WORLD TO LOOK FORWARD TO. I believe and know for sure we will all miss Tammy Aunty and her friends for a very long time.

A typical Tuesday Gym get-up @ Small World. Getting ready for the last gym day.

A dressed-up Small World for the Break-up party.

Carnival fervour inside Small World.

The ever-loved Tammy Aunty (more on her and about Small World later).

Mr. Barker-baker uncle who taught to make the most yummy-sounding sand cakes.

Well deserved hugs'n kisses-the vivacious Shanta Aunty.

Shanta Aunty with her 2011 favourites - Cupcakes (Adu) and Rascal (Sia).

With the first ever "summer holidays" underway and the tremendous energies floating around coupled with aimless wandering, I sign out for the moment saying "I'll have lots more to say and capture."

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