Thursday, 14 April 2011

Push n Play - all through summer

Finally convinced that it's got be all play - all through summer. With a week into summer vacation and no routine being the routine is the best prescription to live childhood to the fullest. Memories of oneself enjoying aimless and truly out-of-the-box'ed' kind of summers is such a pleasurable nostalgic trip to take. So, my little friends (I have two of them hanging around at any given point) in this view are having the best summer ever.

Each day unfolds differently, though the list of to-do's remains the same - milk, breakfast, shower, play and the rest. Take this morning for example - it was finger painting followed by the usual "watching television" or "Tom & Jerry" and shifting base from one friend's house to another, to play and scream along the corridor. Isn't this what childhood is all about? I personally am reuniting with this thought.

Along the way, my little friends seem to be growing up to be strong, observant and socially active individuals. Overheard this little conversation, "You know Adu...Sachin Tendulkar throws and hits the ball and likes to win always. He is always carrying a trophy?" The conversation continues, "Why does he like to always win Sia?". Pat comes the reply, "Because he is strong Adu. He eats eggs like you every day." Where are these thoughts coming from? Every possible media channel and grown-ups of course. This makes me ponder again - is it right to keep my little friends away from watching television and have restricted hours of watching at this age? This arguement holds good, when parents are able to convince and make the little ones believe that there is a much more exciting world outside of the Idiot Box. But yes - I do understand and rely heavily on that wall mounted, flat screen LCD to be the most trusted, almost omni present nanny (especially when you work from your dinner table most of the time). Thankfully, my little friends have so far accommodated the TV in their routine with all due required respect.

While on the subject of "watching" must mention how the content of watching has evolved to suit the tastes of a four year old. "Tom & Jerry" tops the list and multiple viewings are beyond control. And as a parent, I am a huge sucker for multiple viewings. For I have realised that each viewing is a new watch in itself. There are a few things you discover from the previous watch. Doesn't that sound exciting? So - yes my little friends watch the very, same Tom & Jerry each day!!!!

Since my little friends are a good mid way and beyond with their "inquisitiveness" and are always loaded with "why not?" and "what if", the introduction of "Sid the Science Kid" was a great relief. From the production house which has run successful preschool programmes like "Fraggle Rock" that we may recall watching on Doordarshan, The Jim Henson Company (, Sid the Science Kid truly symbolises what Jim Henson says "Simple is good". Its a great tool to introduce young minds like those of my tiny typhoons to science. However I do agree with views expressed by another parent on Sid (

There is a barage of things to do with the little ones - for the little ones all through summer. The underlying thought however of living this summer is simple: to experience a time which is full of life - always. If one believes and lives the spirit of push 'n play during the dreaded summer vacation time as the way to keep the connection alive with one's own childhood, then loads of schedule juggling for the grown-ups is the only way to be part of this summer energy over-drive. Agreed it can be difficult, but it cannot be given up without giving a try. Can it?

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