Friday, 27 May 2011

A fresh palette of colours ~ Little Reader

These past weeks have been exciting. Sorry no personal pictures to share proof. Technical glitches :(

Summer vacation has not had as many outdoor activities as I had hoped. Realising that home and friends in the community were the comfort zone, I haven't pushed much either. Every day so far has been eventful.

As if like a time-table, each day we read, solve activity books, watch television and DVDs, cycle, have a park time, friend's home (over-dose) time and of course, mama's office work time (throw in a few hours of meeting time which takes me out of home).

The biggest realisation from everything we do points towards the reality - I now deal with a FOUR year old. Sia is no longer a baby. She grows from the last time I would have seen her. With this, I am discovering newer ways to handle her - pass knowledge, information and experience. So, it was time I cleaned the old palette, spread out a whole set of fresh colours and paint an empty canvas again.

Each canvas I paint has its story. And every story has been inspiring for me as a parent. I want to tell these stories. Hence starting a series titled 'A fresh palette of colours'. Each post will share a story. This one is all about what we are reading. So called it 'Little Reader'. It can be interpreted as a phase, a person or honestly whatever comes to your mind.

To begin with, the little reader now has a new set of books and authors. Yes, we are now in the "author" phase. As a parent of a book-crazy child, I think this is a good time to introduce the concept. I feel so, especially since the age is such that the 'self' is so high on the radar, coupled with 'I am big, so I can...' - so I thought 'why not?'

Highlight of the find is Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit series. This has transformed me into a child all over again. It makes me wonder how I missed this one while I was growing up. But again these are simple highs of becoming a parent. With simple story lines, brilliant imagination and some bright, happy, light illustration - Beatrix Potter is such a joy to have as 'my first author'. Both of us are currently hogging every Peter Rabbit story we can read and watch on YouTube.

The other author on the little reader's list is Dr. Seuss. But of course. With far-fetched imagination acting as a feeder for a curious mind, Dr. Seuss leaves an impeccable trace ranging from phonetics, values to belief in the self. Favourites so far,

Recently discovered Disney Digital Books on Facebook. This has also been stitched into the little reader's list. Though the joy in its entirety is yet to be discovered, it is a must as a Bookmark on every parent's laptop ( A membership is very handy especially while travelling. Few clicks and its story time...

Books have been a favourite companion for many of us. Seeing Sia embrace books reaffirms that stories best teach emotions and foster a thinking mind.

Next in the series Little Writer!

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