Wednesday, 19 May 2010

...and he is staying for life!

This strange man actually walked into my life - uninvited. But when he did...I knew he had, with a purpose. I knew my life would never be the same - again. The first time I met him was a decade ago. And I have not met another person who has had this strong an impact on me. All he did was unlike me or my way of thinking or doing.

He still does things which I would have never done or will do. Like today, he calls and says, "the strangest thing happened to me. I bought 2 crates of mangoes, each having 27 alphanso mangoes..." my immediate reaction thought was "Oh my god...FIFTY FOUR mangoes.." I switched off t
he thought cos I knew there was more to the story. I was right. And he continued, "...from a total, random stranger. He came to my car and said I have 2 crates of mangoes - pay me whatever you think is fine by you. I was cautious and did the check and the mangoes were just fine. And I paid him 500 bucks." I was stunned. But then,"WHY SHOULD I BE?" This is what the man is made of. His essence, core is being unpredictable. I just let the episode be.

But my life in the last decade is made up of such episodes. And I have defined my character from these.

And it is no earth-shattering surprise that I am married to this strange, weird man. For six years now, of the ten years I have known him. I spend - well almost each day with him. But he hasn't stopped amazing me. He keeps me alive. I love the strange man who walked into my life a decade ago in the weirdest of ways (guess that's the only way I can) and he is staying for life.

See what I mean....