Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Because you both will like this gift

"It is nothing much as a return gift, but I am sure Sia and you will love it", said my friend as she gave Sia the return gift on her daughter's second birthday. She was right. Both Sia and I truly enjoyed the gift because we like stuff that helps us do alternative things with it. The gift Sia got was wooden animal stencils - elephant, monkey, rhino, giraffe, camel and a lion. She was 2.8years when she got the gift and didn't serve the real purpose until a few days ago.

A small discipline called "school" has done a world of difference to my child. It is a home school. The exposure Small World (that's what the school is called) has given in its first three weeks is invaluable. It has only further added to my otherwise unruly yet imaginative child's energy and spirit. Recently, I saw her use a ruler, a pencil to make lines. I was amazed and impressed. The credit had to go to Small World, because we have never used a ruler like the way she did. That's when I knew it was time for the stencils to make an entry.

From the very first touch, cut, glue and paste of art 'n craft, Sia has had a free flow. She was two when we started. I wanted her to have that canvas space to enjoy watching creation come alive. While I sat along and did the real art or craft work. She observed and learnt the techniques. She enjoys co-creating and has a sense of pride and ownership towards all that has been done this far.

This time was no different. A little grown up with just about an ounce increase in patience. Many outlines were drawn. I still play my usual part. And what we co-created.
For our animal cuts dangler, we used: wooden animal stencils, reused paper (which was printed on one side), golden felt-tip pen (because I didn't find anything else), scissors, punch (all the holes on the animals are punched by Sia), gold colour twine, some beads and couple of stars (from our Christmas ornaments).

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