Monday, 7 June 2010

Cheese masala omelette anyone?

Its a wonderful day outside my home and all over the city I live in. Bangalore. It is a beautiful city. It really doesn't matter much on a day like today, how things in the city (especially the traffic, Metro construction, office) are not on our pleasant side. It is the onset of the monsoon. We have all been waiting for after a really, dry, hot summer. Somewhere we still deserve it, though on one hand we continue to kill our nature.

On a day like this, as I sit to work with two little girls in the toy room playing, screaming and enjoying is time for lunch. The weather is way too nice to be wasted with mundane cooking for either of us three. It has got to tie in the mood and bring about the festivities in the weather. Simply got to.

So, I walk in to the toy room with my maternal instinct antenna all plugged high and don't really know what to cook or what to suggest. This is the question I ask, "cheese masala omelette anyone?" I have never seen the brightest first reaction ever...But of course it was a "YES!!!! YAY, we want eggs" (even from my 3 year old, who is not a keen eggie, but was greatly influenced by her friend, Bhoomi) that I am making cheese masala omelette - with onion, without tomato, without onion and with tomato are the only versions I got to make.

I am off to keep the smiles and the appetite going. I can already smell the cooking of onions and tomatoes with the eggs getting fried in oil. Reminds me a little of a railway station. Its only my kitchen...but what's the harm is dreaming on a day which promises only dreams to live on with. Simply irresistable to have left this emotion and feeling uncaptured. By the way..."cheese masala omelette anyone?"

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