Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A summer just went past...

I see rains entering. I hope it is here to stay, for a little longer than what it is supposed to. And, I want to believe an entire season just went past.

This summer was special. I am not a summer weather person. But this summer time, I saw a tremendous colour-filled life in nature. Right across the streets, trees blooming colours which are so pictorial to this time of the year. The colours came visiting our balcony a bloom, green, green leaves and vegetables grew too.

Summer evenings are special too, I realised. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and a tiny brush with nature created wonderful patterns with seeds, that were collected from our apartment pathway, when we took a stroll. Couple of three year olds created wonders with nature's offerings. Now, I look back at a time, which was spent with the same oneness of being with nature, as I have done with any other season time and this summer that just went by...


  1. Love your pictures,is it you? U could take up photography you know.

  2. Thanks Denise. I took all of these on my phone. Sia and Aditi made the patterns with the seeds on our side walk behind the apartment. I loved to see their imaginations take shape.