Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Just a few captured frames

The event: Father's Day.

The mood: Driven by extreme craziness to make something for dada.

The guide: Spirit guided by the pure joy of cutting, gluing, sticking, pasting, making and creating a card for dada.

The thought: Single minded, engulfed by a creative expression of capturing every single thing known in this world - traffic signal lights, colours, shapes, a butterfly, a caterpillar, blah blah - though there wasn't enough space for it on the card.

Materials used: Self made water colour blotted tissue, buttons, wodden doll, glitters, cereal carton, crayons, pen, glue, scissors and lots of patience. Yes - plentiful of this one is needed.

Making time: Just about half hour is much too much to ask. Because any second after that gets consumed by the anxiety to see the creation take shape.

The outcome: A proud dada not just on the dedicated day - but for a very, very long time!!

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